P  R  O  J  E  C  T  S

Our work speaks for itself... so we'll try not to interrupt.


M U S I C  V I D E O

With story-driven visuals that electrify and inspire, we at 11th Story Media are dedicated to creating engaging music videos that amplify the voices of Cleveland’s most ambitious musicians. Whether it’s a hip-hop banger, an EDM rager, a pop anthem, or a soulful R&B ballad, we create vibrant stories across an ever expanding genre spectrum. Our team is devoted to collaborating with incredible artists and making sure their unique voice has a vision. See more

T O W N H A L L  

When the health food gurus at Ohio City’s famous Townhall restaurant and bar needed to add a little flavor to their Real. Healthy. Sushi. campaign, we were happy to oblige. Our goal was to produce a fun, electric flagship campaign video that was hotter than wasabi, and that captured Townhall’s unique blend of attitude and health-consciousness. Our materials exploded onto social media and brought the masses flowing into Townhall for the healthiest and tastiest sushi on this side of the Pacific.


G A I A  N A I L S  &  S A L T  C A V E

When the makeover place needs a makeover, they call us. After Gaia’s recent renovations and metamorphosis into a multi-location self-care paradise—complete with full bars, Reiki therapy, a genuine Himalayan Salt Cave (!), and a host of other beauty and wellness services—it was time for a complete brand overhaul. With multiple social media advertisements and a completely revamped online presence, we crafted a dual-pronged campaign that showcased the unbeatable aspects of each location, all while echoing Gaia’s signature style of esthetic appeal and deep relaxation. 

B A S A N I  F I N A N C I A L 

IMG_4922 (1).jpeg

At 11th Story Media, we understand that multimillion-dollar enterprises like Basani Financial Group require branding that inspires confidence and fidelity. That’s why our welcoming website, carefully crafted advertisements, and other promotional pieces ensure consumers that BFG protects what matters most—the family. Our messaging continues to resonate with BFG clients today, as the organization grows to earn its place alongside the world’s largest, and most reputable financial service organizations. See more


C O V E R  A R T

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 10.47.19

What’s your cover story? At 11th Story Media, we understand that cover art is an invitation to listeners, one that must be equal parts powerful and provocative. Our visual innovators and graphic design gurus craft covers that entice and excite—alluring thumbnails that demand to be clicked. That’s why the industry’s top musicians keep coming back to team up with us, and bring to life visions that speak as loud as their music. 


Bottles start popping and females come flocking every weekend to the upscale Cleveland nightclub, Medusa. Artists like Future, Meek Mill, and DaBaby, star in our cinematic promo videos that bring Medusa’s legendary hip hop performances to life. We centered our ad campaign and brand expansion efforts around these can’t-miss events and set fire to social media, bringing in crowds from all across the land. 

Art Supply


The folks at ArtBin know that creativity can be a messy experience. So our creative team conjured up an intelligent and exciting promotional piece illustrating how ArtBin’s products help to clean up the clutter and take customers’ creativity and productivity to the next level. Featured on their website, amazon, and across social media platforms, our all-encompassing brand video helped establish ArtBin as a brand to be reckoned with. See more


As kids at heart, we at 11th Story Media knew just what to do when Duncan Toys––an American toy-manufacturing tycoon––asked us to showcase their new product. We were able to snap together a bright and bold promotional video for their MagNetic Block Puzzle Game which is featured on Amazon and seen by customers all over the world. 


C L E V E L A N D  C U S T O M S 

Untitled design (3).jpg

Cleveland Customs is an up-and-coming clothing brand which, like 11th Story Media, is proud of its Cleveland heritage. When branding Cleveland Customs, we focused on capturing The Land’s unique combination of resilient spirit and vibrant style. Through captivating apparel photography and striking cinematography, our promotional art and social media marketing campaigns brought these hometown heroes into the spotlight, where they serve as a constant reminder to consumers: Don’t sleep on Cleveland!


4  P O I N T S

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In 2018, 4 Points Properties—a longtime staple of OSU housing and development—was failing to meet the demands of an increasingly digital consumer base. For as modern and innovative as their business was, their marketing and consumer portals were just the opposite. That’s where we came in. With our innovative outlook, 11th Story Media split 4 Points into three brands and developed three separate stylish, user-friendly websites. With a much more clear and attractive online presence, 11th Story Media continues to help 4 Points connect with customers all over Columbus. 

Girls at Outdoor Party

A L P H A  X I  D E L T A

How can you possibly distill your sorority’s unique Greek experience into one short video? Just ask us! Our epic collaboration with The Ohio State University’s chapters of Alpha Xi Delta (Go Bucks) brought recruits rushing in from all across campus. At 11th Story Media, we kick typical to the curb and bring your sorority’s story to life.

P R E S T I G E 

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Adam Styles ain’t your daddy’s barber—he’s a young, clean-cut entrepreneur with skills as sharp as his shears. After weeks of social proofing and sculpting his online presence, we unleashed a social media marketing campaign that established Adam as the unquestioned authority on how to earn six figures cutting hair (and look good doing it). With our help, The Prestige Factor—his online masterclass full of backdoor barber industry secrets—is now reaching customers all across the country... and Adam’s fresh cuts and fresher lessons are blowing up bigger than ever. See more

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T H R O U G H  T H E  L E A S H

With our help, Through the Leash went from a small, Cleveland-based dog training operation to a national fixture. Our social media marketing efforts established Through The Leash as a one-stop shop for any and all dog training needs. We also produced a free informational online video series for dog owners called “The Through the Leash Toolbox” which helped to massively expand the brand while building trust with an established national audience. This hometown brand now operates in multiple states including Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina. See more


Slight chance of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and peanut MnMs swirled into chocolate ice cream and a 100% chance of caramel drizzle—but that’s just us. There’s a delectable cold front blowing through Lakewood, and its name is Remixx Ice Cream + Cereal Bar. Our goal when partnering with Remixx was to craft a brand identity that flipped the script on a “traditional” ice cream joint, so we created a flagship brand video advertisement whose suave cinematics showcased the Remixx experience and had mouths watering across social media. Now that the word is out, hungry customers are flocking to Ohio’s only ice cream + cereal bar to put their own spin on delicious. 


T H E  I V Y

When the sun sets on Cleveland’s famous West 6th strip, there’s only one place to be: The Ivy. Whether it’s through striking photos or captivating cinematic trailers, our widely disseminated promotional art highlights The Ivy’s unforgettable daytime and nightlife experience. From logo, to menu, to website, to social media and beyond—our brand expansion efforts have established The Ivy as the heart of Cleveland’s vibrant nightlife. See more